Art: Jalón De Aquiles

Jimi wrote the whole album, and every member did his part so the songs could grow. When we talk about the album title, it’s one of Jimi’s lines from the song ‘following the sun’. Normally, he will pick a phrase from the entire text and put it as the title when he writes. The songs don’t follow any storyline or anything; they are just personal situations or thoughts of the person that writes the song. We think that, at some point, anybody can relate to it.

We can only say that maybe other bands can work well as an inspiration or an aesthetic view. But for us, it’s never been about that. We write about natural or comfortable things, like relationships with people, different ideas of the world or things more related to ourselves. We only know it worked well in Jimmy Page, so maybe we could try it.

Religion’s something that is not going to last very long. Religion is losing its power, and as generations go by, people don’t care anymore.

For us, doom metal is just another colour in music, it may look depressive, but in the end, it’s just a way of inspiration and a sound based on the different genres in rock music. Rodrigo, our bass player, loves a lot of doom bands, so for us, it’s nothing new. Actually, in some ways, it’s always been present in Saturna.

No band member is into heavy drug taking, so we rely on our natural passion for rock and roll. We understand that drugs and substances can develop other states of mind, especially in psychedelic music. But for us, it’s always been about making good songs, improving as musicians and having fun, which we always do anyway!

We have our own experiences, and we like to take that and make songs that are true and real to us. We don’t think it’s necessary to explain details, but it’s always been an inspiration and something we can talk about in our songs. Not all inspiration comes from bad things or experiences; we also feel connected with our heroes and musical referents.

For us, it was always about Black Sabbath; they were the first band to do “evil music” and take it to the mainstream. Also, they had this medieval tunes like ‘Solitude’ or ‘Embryo’ that were big on us. We are open to any music; of course, dark folk or more medieval-sounding stuff feel great to us.

We may play heavy music, but we still have faith in people.
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