In 2005 Sektarism was formed by eminent members of the Apostles of Ignominy brotherhood. Malhkebre and Sektarism musical approaches and visions differ, yet come together in the idea that salvation can only be found in self-abasement and suffering. In this, at least, Sektarism can be compared to those confraternities of Penitents who flagellate themselves in the slow funerary processions of condemned men. But Sektarism offers neither repentance nor reprieve. Whatever “Christian” notion of “sharing” we find among the Penitents here refers only to the common pain and misery of the wretched human condition. Sektarism is the whip that slowly lacerates your corrupt flesh, making it pure. It is the hammer that nails you to the cross you have chosen…

Sektarism is based on improvisations (even if always based on pre-defined structures), so we can’t always predict what will occur and appear. For example, the first track ‘Oderint Dum Metuant’ was recorded in particular conditions. It was not even supposed to exist at all! It’ a pure improvisation that popped up in a difficult moment… We’re human beings and just like anyone we have ups and downs, and it appears that tensions rose during our last recording of the session. For some reasons, we started to quarrel to the point that mister ‘Neb Xort’ (studio owner and producer) had to separate us before we engaged in a fistfight. He roughly sent all of us to different parts of the place with the ultimatum that we had to calm down before he’d agree to work with us again. We get our minds back, and started to try some experiments, each on his side… and something unique happened: an improvisation slowly began, chants, drones and percussion rising and melting, to finally form something coherent. Nothing was planned or intended, it was a pure ‘let go’ experience that remarkably arose in a difficult moment… or because of it, precisely? ‘Neb Xort’ hopefully had the intelligence to secretly record the whole thing, letting us improvised this long and painful sonic catharsis. The result was so vivid we kept it on the album. We love it because it’s the product of something totally natural and spontaneous, a moment of elevation absurdly born in tension and anger. Of course, it sounds raw, but it’s Sektarism in its purest form: living magick.

We listen and read many things, it’s hard to be conscious of what has really driven us during this record. Be sure, that the world of The Apostles of Ignominy is very labyrinthine. We admire the works of such artists like Diamanda Galas, Wertham, Emperor, Blood Incantation, Slayer, Mikko Aspa, Il Sangue, Human Larvae, Deathspell Omega, David Lynch, V.L.F Laboratories, Drastus, Albert Caraco, Roland Jaccard, Michel Houellebecq…
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