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Sickbay was Initially formed between 2000 and 2004 out of the twisted morass of the Hudson Valley, NY scene; Sickbay are a hardcore-fueled death metal band bringing a new brand of hate to the genre. With a sound that owes as much to Hatebreed and Youth of Today as it does Obituary and Suffocation, the band have carved a unique path of violence for themselves across the scene since their reformation in 2016. Since then, the band has been on the warpath throughout the Northeast, unleashing wave after wave of death metal slaughter.

Music, for us, is a release of our anger and depression. It’s therapy in a sense, and usually, the creative process flows when we are in that place. Unfortunately, we are pissed off, so it comes naturally. Escapism fits the best. Better to write and play music than go on killing sprees.

I’m lucky enough to be old, so I experienced the beginnings of most metal and extreme music genres. The first time I heard Black Sabbath was instantly drawn to the darker side of music. Always searching for a heavier sound when I heard ‘Slowly we Rot’; that was it. Obituary and Trevor Peres are always worth mentioning. Heavy music is a form of modern cult worship. We go to shows not just as entertainment but as a social event to be with our type of people. Misguided and fucked up.

Rituals? Coffee!! Have to Pound coffee to get in the zone!!

Nikola Tesla is an idol. One of the smartest people to live in our recent history but suffered from an inability to conform to elite standards. He was a brilliant mind that transformed the world but was held back and died a broke recluse because of his disdain for how things worked and his social awkwardness. He embodies the metal mentality for me.

Music is an outlet for emotions; specifically, with heavy music, the rage you must suppress to function in society. Most music is a spiritual experience. Something that moves you emotionally and can change your mood. It connects people in a way that just being entertained can’t.

There’s so much good music, from jazz to stoner doom and hardcore to black metal—usually, a fan of something that’s done with some talent and is interesting in some way.
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