Skam was formed in 2019 as an emotional outlet in the form of extreme music. It is a mix of relentless grindcore, crust punk, death metal and black metal fueled by feelings of despair, panic and sadness. This is because it became a sort of musical act that hopes to bring attention to the state in which the worlds mental health is and the absurd amounts of suicides caused by it. Skam hopes to help those who can find catharsis in the music. Mental disease doesn’t show itself the same way physical illness does, so the album Sounds of a Disease was made to reveal one of its many faces.

The lyrics that I am most proud of writing? That would have to be the title track and Sentencing’s last song, which serves as the album’s climax both musically and lyrically. It’s not exact precisely poetry, but it is a platform that gives the vocals a lot of room for expression. I had been studying for about three years at the time. The songs were written while on the edge of being burnt out as I was working on my bachelor’s thesis. It served as a much-needed catharsis for that period. And when that was done, and the recording had started, Covid-19 reached Sweden. You could say it was produced between a rock and a hard place, I guess.

We wouldn’t have Cannibal Corpse if the metal scene bothered too much with political correctness. To me, a big part of metal is about transgression, not holding back, being real whether it’s sonically, lyrically or visually.

About the current metal scene? I’ve only ever seen the one here in Sweden, and here’s not much happening. Lately, several popular clubs and such where metal bands play regularly have been shut down as the Swedish government simply does nothing. If I could ask the rest of the world one favour, please let our government know how much you appreciate our bands.
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