Somnus Throne

Somnus Throne

Somnus Throne is a three-piece doom, stoner, heavy-psych, and sludge band whose members hail from all over the U.S.A. and haven’t ever settled down anywhere for too long. To keep it simple -– they’re from L.A. Somnus Throne love bands like Acid King, Black Rainbows, CoC, Bongripper, Electric Wizard, Thrones, Dead Meadow, Black Sabbath, and The Melvins. As a rule of thumb to remember is that if it sounds like a filthy biker charging up a sunshine bridge on a head-full of acid to fight God personally, it’s probably Somnus Throne.

Look, our first L.P. was all about witches and satan and the occult. It’s not like we’re strangers to the concept or opposed to whatever it is ‘evil practices’ is supposed to mean. I can only speak for myself (this is Evan). There is no need in the age of science, medicine, astronomy, physics, and meta-data to believe anything without evidence. Belief of any kind is no longer necessary. We used to shake sticks at the sky because we didn’t know what caused droughts. Religion was always a product of the ignorant attempting to control something they didn’t understand. This is no longer needed.

Almost everything impacting our lives has been weighed, measured, understood and catalogued. We know enough. There’s no issue you could encounter that isn’t already known and understood anymore. We have an answer for nearly every physical phenomenon. This information is out there and readily available. None of it is anything but physical. We have no evidence for anything that is not physical. If we did, it would be physical, as that is how we would discover it. So, I love satan. I love witches. I love naked women running around in a firelight under a full moon. People also love to do these things. A deeper conversation could be had about the human need for culture, which is real, and how anything can fill that need. If you want to put on some ram’s horns and hop around a cornfield because of ‘identity,’ then go ahead. I’ll play the guitar to that whole scene. I severely doubt most people running around drawing pentagrams and talking about witches or Satan believe any of this. It’s cool. It’s an aesthetic. It ties into the sort of geist of the counterculture. (Satan is the counterculture, goth kid of the deities, after all.)

Doom metal is anything people want it to be. For me, doom is the indefatigable march of time that lulls us into this false sense of security so many need to have that somehow we will all be alright in the end. We definitely won’t. We won’t be alright, and it’s obvious, and everyone knows it. I’m not sure that stating the truth is pessimistic. I mean, have you seen the result of all life? Pop music is escapist. Doom metal is almost a worship of reality. It’s in the name of ‘doom’. My philosophy is mostly physicalism with a touch of existentialism on a good day. I don’t think Nietzsche was thorough enough in his nihilism, as he stopped at morality. When I have time to ruminate, I often try to expose more aspects of the human experience defined by belief and then disbelieve in those as well. Maybe don’t talk to me on a bad trip.

Alcohol ruins all things worth doing. There is so much competition these days that people can’t afford to be strung out all the time. It’s too much. I’ve seen a lot of talented wasted that way. Pot helps some people. Those people should continue to use it. Psychedelics can give us all a reset from time to time. To each their own, honestly. I make music because it never shuts up in my head, and I don’t like normal people because they don’t seem to have this going on, so I find other people like me, and now we’re a band.

Life isn’t exactly a cakewalk all of the time, if you haven’t noticed. We’re not making dance hits of the 2020s over here. I love evil. I also love psych. I love evil psych. It’s all a blend. Electric Wizard was the first doom band I liked, and it moved me to get going on all of this. Something still gets my blood pumping about ancient gods who live outside of time, etc. Evil and malevolence are cool!

This question would require goodness or badness to exist objectively, which they do not. If you are undecided about this assertion or do not believe it to be true, I implore you to bring me exactly three grams of goodness (in a literal sense, but I guess if you send drugs, that won’t hurt.) All of that aside, yes. Simply put, I think there’s plenty in the world worth fighting for, worth getting up and going about your day for, and I see plenty of work to be done to preserve it.
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