Spectral Souls

Spectral Souls

We are regular guys trying to express ourselves and screaming about what bothers us. We don’t want to change minds or give an educational speech. We want to let out our rage because we are tired of seeing all the bullshit that this world is living now and how this new generation is weak and is losing its way. We are atheists and hate politics; that’s it.

Like other kids, we discover metal in school and the hood with older friends or family. I think all the satanic images, the heavy music, and the album covers blew our minds. The metal had some mysticism, was different, underground, and that essence made us fans. Probably Iron maiden album covers, black sabbath, and others 80s era were my favourite ones. We don’t have idols, cause for us, everyone is just a human being with regular life and problems, just with a lot of talent that we admire.

Anything could be boring in some aspect, but I don’t need any help to inspire and write; words and notes just come, which is good in some way too.

I have a lot of people I admire for their talent; I could be here for hours, naming a lot of them. But come to my mind Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, Tommy Iommi, Chuck Schuldiner and more.

Music is sensory, is a way to find you or lose you, and is a way to contact people, make friends and be part of something. Music is an expression, is something we need in our life to fill our minds, can make us happy or sad, and is a shelter for many people.

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