The writing and recording were done way before the pandemic hit the world, so no, it didn’t affect us at all. It took so long to release this album mainly because we work slow and things, like work, tend to come in between. All in all, the process was pretty uneventful. I can’t say I’ve stumbled upon any conspiracy theories related to Spelljammer, no.

I guess Abyssal Trip can mean different things to different people. I was mainly referring to a trip into the abyss of the mind. However, the great unknown of the ocean depths or the void of space is always near in the lyrics. It’s enticing to think about. With the world on a path to environmental destruction, where would you go?

Since the start, we’ve just tried to make the kind of music we like to listen to ourselves and the most fun music fun to play. That happens to be slow and heavy.

I can’t think of any specific events other than the music I have listened to or the movies I have watched since I was young. It’s a myriad of genres through the years, and I guess that has formed me creatively.

No, I don’t have a creative process, not really. At least when it comes to vices. As for routines, I try just to sit down and do the work. The biggest problem is probably that the best ideas come at the wrong time, as when you’re not at home and able to sit down and play it and record. So you try to keep it in your head until you get a chance to record it. It’s a struggle.

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