We just describe our music as atmospheric, heavy rock. There are so many sub-genres these days and it seems like they’re not always accurately applied so we try to keep it simple when explaining our sound.

We approached our latest release ‘Love & Decay’ like our previous albums. I (Mario) do the bulk of the songwriting and I’ll put together some rough demos for Sarah and Chris to hear. We’ll then start recording. In this case, we recorded in our old practise space in Brooklyn. This album was different in the sense that we had Chris playing on the whole thing. I’m the kart I played the drums on the albums. Chris really brought the songs to a whole new level.

There are themes that carry through the record but they’re meant to be left open to the interpretation of the listener as well. The music as a whole should carry the focus and emotion, not just the lyrics. In a vague sense, the theme is about creation and destruction in different aspects of existence. Life and death, fear and hope, love and loss etc.. There are some variants throughout but mostly everything relates back to the initial idea.

Nothing in particular. Just being alive and experiencing life. Different moments might soar to ideas but inspiration is not something I can control. We love all kinds of art, movies, and litterateur but aren’t really fixated on any particular thing. Of course, it’s impossible to not be influenced by the things you see, hear and read, so life will always find it’s way into your art whether you know it or not.
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