Daif: In an essay ‘The Positive/Negative Realms Of Higher Densities’ by Michael Topper, he talks about how negative higher extra-dimensional entities manipulate and feed on human misery. He labels this act as “stalking”. The poet William S. Burroughs also had a story ‘A One God Universe’ that explores similar themes. Also, Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’ 1979 was a formative film for me growing up.

‘Black Majik Terror’ is a conflation of MAJI Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence, formally known as Majestic-12 and MK-ULTRA the famous CIA Mind control program. These programs are top-secret US military operations concerned with mind control and unidentified aerial phenomena. Arthur C. Clarke once said that alien technology would be indistinguishable from magic. It asks what if some people on earth had a deeper understanding of the universe and how it all works than the ordinary man. What if reality is a lot scarier a place than anyone would have thought. What if humans aren’t top of the food chain?

Chris: Music style I would say, speed metal and then thrash metal. In that order. Big fan of 80s speed metal bands, early Exciter, Exodus, Agent Steel, Razor, early Slayer. For me, it is just the straight forward ferociousness of it—high-speed metal. Daif is more into Destruction, Destructor, Blood Money, etc. I mean I am too, but he likes more raw shit. I guess with our influences is what Stälker is all about. I have always loved old school metal, and I don’t think that will change. I am coming up 20 years of listening to it and still finding new energy in it.

Daif: My taste in metal is 97% old school. When I’m walking down the road humming riffs to myself, looking like a dickhead, speed metal is what I’m humming. Don’t ask me why, but I think it expresses the energy and attitude the people in the band feel at this time. I think the existence of all the other genres makes speed metal all the better.

I’ve been exploring the idea that power will ultimately consume you. I think the environment of a near-future post-apocalyptic hellscape best achieves this for now. I’m interested in comparative history and alternative theories of how we all got here, and where we’re headed.

On ‘Black Majik Terror’ I explore the idea “magic/magik” is real, just not what we think. I thought of spiritual beings being just as real as you or I, having almost an empirically definable explanation, just not what we’ve been told they are. When you fuck around with things that purport to be at that level, there’s no telling what in the fuck it is you are dealing with. Like an onion, there could potentially be myriad layers. I’m not a fan of any dark arts practitioners that I could name; however, my research is relatively limited. I hear Alistair Crowley was an asshole though.
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