Art: Andrei Bouzikov

Tymo is a Canadian Thrash Metal band from Edmonton, Alberta. Formed in 2015, the band was initially intended to promote frontman Tim Tymo’s solo project; however, as the band’s current lineup came together, the band took on a life of its own as they gravitated towards playing faster, heavier music. We may have to keep that a secret; some occult rituals exist. Mainly we record our ideas and share them. From there, we build the ideas into songs. We absorb what we see in life and spit it back out.

Heavy music is a safe place where you can be yourself. We all started to listen to metal when we became teenagers. A lot of it began with learning an instrument and becoming addicted to metal from there. The band started as Tim’s solo project, named after his last name. Once the current lineup was formed, we found that we had good chemistry as a band and wanted to work together on new music. Our shared musical interests led us to play faster and heavier; before we knew it, we were a thrash metal band. The band name was already known within the music scene, and we didn’t have the heart to change it! We all knew each other from high school and didn’t start playing together until our mid-twenties.

Just the addiction of playing music and being inspired by our fans to create more. Seeing the inspiration on their faces at live shows is always motivating. We would never want to get caught up in modern world problems and lose ourselves. As long as we remain ourselves, that’s all that matters.

Music is a way to unleash and connect. Music brings us all together, and we get a chance to share the experience. It’s an opportunity to escape from ourselves.

We mainly listen to metal, nothing really off-beat or too out there. Check out Lich King, Hazzerd, Crisix, WMD, and Rising Sun. That’s to name a few.

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