Vulgarithm is a one-man outfit whose main aim is to create a unique visual show after needing a fresh start and sound. Unfortunately, it was born two months before the Covid pandemic and has adapted to the virtual gig less world. In an already crowded Internet, Vulgarithm is standing out.

‘Share if you disagree’ continues the evolution of Vulgarithms sound and trying to find an identity. It is filled with riffs and beats and songs about rapping, 2nd waves and the insanity of the world we live in. Fun times!

If my music doesn’t feel good without vocals, then I don’t continue. Only when I have a good melody, do I put lyrics down. The heading banging in the car test never fails.

I hate to pigeon hole myself with lyrics. Two of the favourite vocalists are Serj Tankian and Maynard James Keenan. Whilst they sing about very serious subjects, they are also very good at making nonsense songs sound powerful. Vulgarithm, for the most part, has a sarcastic feel to some of my writing, slightly cynical, but I like to think the music supporting gives a sense of hope.

I’m not the greatest artists, but I also have a limited budget. The final EP in the trilogy will be a commission piece; the cover for ‘Share if you disagree’ was done by myself. I covered my mask with another mask, gives a glimpse into the world we live in, but it has a cartoony painting feel to disconnect from this world. The simplicity is also a take on this cheap disposable Internet life we lead.
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