‘Colosseum’ is the most challenging album we have made yet and is the smoothest. We did not put much thought into it. We wanted the music to be placed on the record exactly as it came out from us. This came up to be very challenging at specific points though we enjoyed that. We love this album.

You don’t have any rituals. You end up with good ideas that are good enough to be in a song, and there is a new album almost complete. When we reach this phase, we start working on this new material more extensively and focus on that as our main priority. I have no habits, just a free mindset. I cannot tell you about the rituals.

Our philosophy is simple and has to do with freedom and balance. It applies in life as it does in our music. Our music comes from us, and it is our personal truth spoken through art, symbolism, metaphors, music, pictures and visuals.

I didn’t feel any particular attraction to music in my early days. I liked playing the piano as a kid but always felt that what I was playing lacked aggressiveness, tension, heat and I did not know how to handle that. I listened to heavy metal by accident and immediately connected with it. As I was diving deeper into it, the dark side of metal drew me naturally under its wing. It always felt comforting and calming to listen to extreme and dark subgenres of metal me.

Music is the most important thing in the universe. It is the sound of creation itself. We are such random material that the universe was created to give birth to Gods and their creations.

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