Wędrowcy Tułacze Zbiegi

Wędrowcy Tułacze Zbiegi

Art: Sars

In 2010, Duszę Wypuścił was created. A few years later, it changed its name to Wędrowcy Tułacze Zbiegi. The facts in our music are so irrelevant that this is the most developed biography we can prepare.

WTZ music is a tool for unmasking delusions and then creating new ones. So it is self-therapy conducted by an unprepared and unqualified therapist. As part of WTZ, we allow ourselves to do more musically than we actually can in life.

‘Futurista’ was released in April 2021. The idea was to record a monotonous and non-entertaining album with emotionally charged music, but difficult to wade through and assimilate. It was supposed to be the equivalent of a lot of physical exertion – you don’t like doing it, you get tired, but after all, you are glad you went through it. The creative process was divided – I prepared the music, and then the vocalists added their voices. We operate in the “music of chance” field, which allows (and even requires) free interpretation of the topic by individual musicians. It is important enough that we do not rehearse, so everything usually turns out at the first recordings.

Fixation seems to be permanent. I am waiting for God; I just don’t know if he will come from above or below.

In 1994, I bought the cassette of “Oddech Wymarłych Światów” by the polish band Kat. It was my first intentional gesture towards this music. Then it already flew on a well-known track.

Entertainment can also be spiritual. It is a matter of interpretation, reception and, above all, the author’s intention. If they’re as clear as snow in January, it doesn’t make any difference what function it does. It’s important that it works.

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