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Adam Medford, Morgue Pleasures

Adam Medford, Morgue Pleasures

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Morgue Pleasures, The Forensic Surrealism of Adam Medford

Growths from the Synovial Membrane
Hypertrophy and Atrophy
Articular Cartilages with Eburnation
Aneurysm ejaculate in agony
Mollities Ossium, Rachitis
Glory Wounds
Tetanus with ecstasy 
Fibrous Necrosis Ossium
Delighting in Gangrene
Malignant Pustule
Ulcers on the Genital Organs
Voyeurism Sloughing Phagædena 
Leucoma al dente
Hydrophthalmia amphetamine injection
Salivary cocktails

Book Specifications
Square 210mm x210mm (8.27inch x 8.27inch)
175gm uncoated paper
Limited to 250 units
160 pages
All signed by Adam Medford

Release date 30/06/2022

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