10,000 Years

10,000 Years

Art: Negative Crypt Artwork, Francesco Bauso

Bio: Formed in March 2020, 10,000 Years have slowly but surely built a name for itself in the heavy underground as they’ve worked swiftly according to the tried and true method of the early days of the Black Sabbath. Since their inception, 10,000 Years have released a self-titled EP (2020) and the full-length album ‘II’ (2021) to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. ‘II’ even garnered a Best Metal nomination at the Swedish Manifest Awards! And now, less than a year after the release of ‘II’, 10,000 Years are back with their sophomore album. The album is aptly titled ‘III’ and closes the book on the epic sci-fi trilogy that started with the EP. The new album continues their previous efforts in sound and story, expanding on various elements of earlier releases and maintaining the heart of what 10,000 Years are all about; skull-crushing stoner metal. As of this writing, the band needs to improve at writing their next opus, which will see them take on a brand new concept and evolve their brand of stoner metal even further. The album is the third and final part of a sci-fi/horror trilogy, and the lyrics and themes follow that storyline. They are accordingly bleak, and the ending is very open sad, some might say, but that’s the kind of endings I like, like Night Of The Living Dead and stuff like that, where you either get a bleak, sad ending or where you don’t get an actual resolution.

Being a metal fan for life, you will always get in contact with these elements, and it’s an integral part of metal, the whole devil bit. I don’t have any thoughts on it one way or the other. If that’s what you dig, believe, and stuff, then good on you. If not, that’s also cool. It’s pretty cool from an aesthetic viewpoint, the satanism and stuff like that, but it’s nothing I believe in or anything like that. I’m opposed to organised religion in any way, shape or form. It’s opium for the masses and imprisons people in their beliefs and others.

To me, doom metal is, at its very core, Black Sabbath. But doom metal is also Candlemass, Saint Vitus and other progenitors. Doom metal is also all the bands that have come since then. Doom metal to me is music, and a type of music that means a lot to me and that catches my interest. I don’t see it as a philosophy or anything like that.

For myself, I’m good with alcohol. Weed, or any other drugs for that matter, is not, and has never been, a part of my creative efforts or a means to that end. It is and has never been, a part of my creative efforts or a means to that end. What moves me is the music itself, the feeling when a song comes together, when you play with people you like and respect, and create something your own, for your own sake. What inspires our music is imagination. Science fiction and fantasy. It’s an escape from reality, if you will. The answer lies on both ends of that spectrum. There is goodness in the world, but we are doomed if we don’t seek it out to adhere to it.

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