The Accuser always has something to do with justice and law. The paragraph character symbolises that. The band name with the paragraph is our logo. We started looking for the name at ‘A’ in the alphabet and didn’t get far.

All songs represent unity. Some elements might fit into the early days, but also structures from the “Repent” later “Reflections” and “Taken by the throat” era are included. The latest releases have also been incorporated in an elementary way. The album is a cross-section of the Accuser history. René is again a member of the band and was already there in the early days. This is another reason to call the album ‘Accuser’.

We don’t do the typical German Thrash Metal but also no purely American Thrash Metal. It’s a mix! In the 80s we have heard a lot of Slayer, Metallica, Testament, Anthrax and Megadeth. We also listened to punk and hardcore, as they are the roots of thrash music. We were inspired, and over time, our typical sound developed.

When we first started, there weren’t as many subgenres and styles as there are today. Thrash Metal is a mix of heavy metal, punk and hardcore. To this day, I need to explore this music meaningfully to represent our way of life. We need to deal responsibly with people, politics and our world.

The focus of our texts is political. We take up different issues and explain the abuses. We go even a step further and deal with the human being’s psyche, as every action in the brain starts. We are looking for the causes of the processes. I wrote a lot of the lyrics from ‘Agitation’ to ‘The Mastery’. On the new album, Carina Baron wrote all the lyrics. She is my girlfriend and teacher of philosophy and ethics. This time I have only given the text lines and suggested topics.

H. R. Giger is one of the greatest artists in this genre. I also like Pushead (Brian Schroeder) very much, but he is not a Dark Arts artist. For metal, this art is very important, as it can perform optically dark music very well. You can create a bundle of stylistics through music and optics. Images can inspire you to write music and music can inspire you to paint pictures. Optics and acoustics together can leave a great impression.
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