Hello! Samuel Mackertich bass player, keyboards and words for Amulet. This hellride through music all started at a school talent show doing a Green Jelly cover at maybe 10 years old. We mimed. It was all the fun and embarrassment I needed to convince me to take on life in rock.

The album is a transitional collection of music. Some of the songs were written before I joined in 2015, some written by me when I joined, and all of it completed when Mace joined the band in 2018. Finding a new singer really lifted the tracks to a new place. Having a background in technical thrash meant I had to do some adjustment to my riff style, but essentially I’m writing music how I always have.

I grew up surrounded by creativity, my parents work and their strange collections. I was taken to see ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ When it was commissioned in 1991. Damien Hirst’s shark. The entire collection of sculpture and painting was deeply moving and has stayed with me. Conceptual art often gets bashed, but at its best, it can be transcendent. I also remember being taken to the unveiling of a stuffed dog ‘Wonderbeast’ at possibly an even younger age than the shark.

Inspiration is such an ungovernable force, I just try to act like a sponge waiting for a cool idea or memorable phrase. Being in Amulet is inspiring in itself, we’ve created a fantastic vehicle and who knows where it will take us. Probably somewhere with power chords and leather. Germany.
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