Art: Martin Helgren

Artillery plays melodic thrash metal with elements from the hard rock in the 1970s and the metal elements from the 1980”s. It means a lot to me to play the same music I listen to.

Also, the possibility to play all around the world with metal’s best fans is unique. This year we also have 40 years in business.

X was our ten albums and is the first one with our new guitar player Kræn Meier. Kræn and I did most of the songs, Michael B, our singer, and most of the lyrics and the band made the arrangements together with producer Søren Andersen. We like to try most of the ideas out in the rehearsal room and on demo recordings but also like to finish some of the songwriting in the studio to keep the dynamic intact in the songs. The lyrics are primarily about what is happening worldwide, such as pollution, dictatorship, unfairness, wars, global heating, etc. Our last cover is easy to explain as it is our ten albums and is covered with a Big X (10 in Latin), and our trademark, the grim Reaper, symbolises the heavy music we are playing.

All those crazy things are happening today, such as the war in Ukraine, the climate situation, how people treat each other, etc., inspire our music. We are definitely not religious. We try to see life as it is and live our life after that. Music is philosophy.

My introduction to heavy Rock and metal came through a good friend’s big brother, who played the guitar and listened to bands like Slade, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad, just to mention a few. The energy and style caught me after one listen. Some of my favourite albums are, just to mention a few Slade, Slayed, Black Sabbath Paranoid, and Deep Purple In Rock.
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