The album is coming out the 17/8, and we are stoked to release our debut finally! Of course, we wish to blow people’s mind with our uncompromising death metal, and our primary goal is casual world domination.

We work daily with songwriting, Doomstar (our booking agency), Century Media (our label) with our manager Jens gently guiding our efforts in the right direction. ‘Rape The Blessed’ from the EP, and ‘I will rape your virgin cunt’ from our single ‘Crosswhore’. Simon is very sexually frustrated.

We think it’s important to take a stance, and sometimes talk about it. Other times, shut up about it. Is music iconoclastic? Yes or no? Bæst is about gore, religion, fantasy and so on. Sometimes iconoclastic, sometimes just cool.

Nietzche is a cool fellow!
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