Bewitcher is a three-piece Speed Metal band from Portland, OR. Founded on the fuck you attitude of Motörhead and Venom, and refined by their love for all things Heavy Metal, Bewitcher is an explosive ritual frenzy of sodomistic pain and pleasure. A place where the black metal beginnings of Bathory meets the melody of Maiden and the power of Priest.

The new material is just a continuation of the foundation we built on the early demos and first full-length album…raw and ferocious speed metal that isn’t afraid to rock or have a little melody from time to time. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here, just trying to pay homage to what we feel is the best era of heavy music thru our lens.

Each song requires its own creative process but in the end, the only thing we strive for is our own personal satisfaction. It needs to rock. It needs to take the listener somewhere. And it needs to tell a story. We like to explore layering, tempo changes, song structure, etc. to give each song its “hook”. At the end of the day, it needs to pull the listener in and allow them to get away from the daily bullshit we all face.

Although it’s getting harder and harder to find, Metal is still dangerous. It will always be music that pisses our parents off and makes the moral majority fear us. Metal is an attitude. Fuck the mainstream, fuck the religious zealotry trying to impose it’s “values” on us, and fuck the world.

Although it’s taken on many forms over the years, Metal was founded on shaking the temples of our past and questioning our superiors. By this, Metal will always be to a strong degree Iconoclastic. There is nothing wrong with questioning the “rules” or expectations society has for us. In a world full of sheep, be the wolf.
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