Bliss of Flesh

Bliss of Flesh

Our new album ‘Tyrant’ was out on 30th October 2020 on Listenable Records. I’m very proud of it, and I hope that our art will be understood. I have no doubt.

Honestly, each release was very different for writing, and I loved this mindset that I had when I wrote for Dante’s divine trilogy (Emaciated deity, Beati pauperes spiritu, Empyrean). But ‘Tyrant’ is the piece of art for whom I am proud. The concept album about voluntary’s servitude is an essential concept for me. And writing about this subject was like a climax. I can say that ‘Tyrant’ is an absolute masterpiece, and I’m proud of it. With ‘Tyrant’, I explained why humanity preferred to reject his state of nature for serving a tyrant. Humanity decided to choose his cages and accept sacrificing his liberty on the altar of comfort and safety. Finally, the old thesis is a current subject indeed, and I think that all our societies are based on voluntary servitude. All solutions are in our hands, but are you ready to give up your freedom?

We turned to a more brutal and intense feeling for this album. We managed to link the ferocity of our lower instincts and rage that consume us to thinking and consciousness. We tried to order the chaos, to unify opposite forces to create this album. Listen to it, and you will understand what I mean.

We played since almost 20 years ago. So in 5 years later, maybe Pandemia will be still there, and lots of instability too. But I know one thing, if I m not dead, I will be on the stage with Bliss of flesh to spit my hate and my anger to the face of humanity. If we couldn’t go on the stage, we will follow in recording the new release again because I have no choice. Finally, pandemia is like a Tyrant, so stay on your knees or stand up. For us, the choice is made.
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