Our new record Molotov Rocktail 2021 is a perfect fusion of punk rock, sludge, stoner metal and rock. One reviewer said we took the best parts of Nofx, Fu Manchu, Clutch and Melvins and blended them into our own thing. That’s the best description of our band I’ve ever heard, so I’ll just repeat what they said! This time around, we tried to go all out, making the poppy parts poppier, the extreme parts more extreme and focused on writing stronger songs that are never boring. Artistically I think Molotov Rocktail 2021 is a big leap forward for us as a band. We love it ourselves, and that’s really what counts for us.

It usually works for us that I record a song in GarageBand, show it to the rest, and then book studio time. I always feel that a record need to have a certain dynamic and flow. So when I feel we have enough different types of songs to make a complete record, we do it. By that, I mean we need a certain amount of fast, aggressive songs, some more mid-tempo, some melodic, some epics etc. I see it as an album, not as a collection of songs. So for me, it needs to flow great together. I think it’s easier to think about the world when you write a song. You may not set out to do it, but suddenly some stuff you read or feel may subconsciously affect the lyrics throughout the process.

For me, bands like NOFX and Guns n’ Roses were some of my first introductions to rock music. I thought it was amazing and so much better than everything else (still do). As for heavy metal, I think my first real love there was Entombed. I remember seeing the poster for To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth! 1997 album and mistook it for a punk band called Consumed. But when I heard Entombeds Like This With The Devil, I was blown away, a mixture of hardcore punk and death metal with some rock licks thrown in. That album is an underrated classic!

For me, music is the one thing I can’t go without. There’s just something special about hearing a song you love, it gives you this great feeling that’s hard to describe. But everyone who has a favourite band, album or song knows the feeling I’m talking about! It can turn a bad day completely around, give you confidence when you need it, give you energy and just make you euphoric!
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