Book Of The Dead

Book Of The Dead

Book Of The Dead is a three-piece melodic metal band that features Whisteria Cottage and Visceral Disgorge members, coming together to write groovy horror-inspired music.

Wes and I (Charlie) have played together since we were teenagers, we started our first band together. We have chemistry as writers that work well together. Mike (vocals) came in after we had recorded the first demo song, and I loved his material with Whisteria Cottage, so it was an easy fit into Book Of The Dead.

Our record came together pretty quickly; we had a lot of fun with the writing process itself. We are constantly trying to evolve our sound and techniques, so we are continually pushing each other out of our comfort zones while maintaining the catchy hooks that make us who we are.

We are all big fans of horror and the comedic aspects of horror as well. Book Of The Dead was originally inspired by the Evil Dead movie franchise, so while we aren’t spiritual, we use a lot of evil spiritual imagery in our music.

If metal is music for a secular world? I think that regardless of someone’s beliefs, if they enjoy metal, it is for them. Metal is an extreme genre that often uses imagery that isn’t secular at all, and I think it’s that dichotomy that gives the metal its darkness and attitude. I’ve always thought of metal as horror films in music form.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously; we try to add the goofiness that makes us who we are into each song because we all find humour in everything. We are a serious band, but just because we are serious as artists doesn’t mean we have to let go of our sense of humour. If our audience were not to like any of our goofiness, I think it would be their loss.

In the earliest days of metal, institutions were criticized to the point of starting the “satanic panic” in the 80s, and the metal world just ran with it. Metal musicians and fans came together and said “f*** your beliefs”. There isn’t really anything sacred in metal. The extreme nature of the lyrical content is driven by that.
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