Buried Realm

Buried Realm

Art: Pär Olofsson

It comes down to practice. Whether that means learning new vocal/guitar techniques or improving the production, songwriting, etc., the music has to move me and keep me excited and inspired. So, it’s important not to become bored by repeating myself.

The lyrical metaphors could lean slightly on the “escape” side of the spectrum, depending on how the listener interprets them.

My journey with metal started with my friends in middle school listening to metal. My interest led me down a rabbit hole of underground bands and picking up the guitar. Later, discovering more of the Scandinavian metal scene through a small local metal record store is what completely fascinated me. The artists/albums I discovered from there connected with me on such a high level. Blew my mind.

Any fetishes? Horror films/stories/experiences. I found the frightening and mysterious things that have happened (or could happen) I find thought-provoking. Music allows people to escape but also feel a connection. It’s cathartic in many ways.

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