Bushido Code

Bushido Code

‘The Ronin’ is a record we are super proud of. It’s an album that we really felt we hit out of the park when it was done. As far as the creative process, Derrick Voricci (guitars) writes the bulk of the riffs, and then we cut the song out of that. The band and I will come up with story ideas and write the lyrics. Our lead guitarist did the artwork, so no brief was needed. But we wanted a single illustration to represent the entire album.

They are something I’m personally most proud of on this record. They tell this crazy story of Dashi, this demon ronin. Who can’t die going through time seeing the wrong in the world and how that goes against the samurai’s code. But it also has real-life implications. When we feel we have enough songs and tell the story we want, it’s time to go.

I think music is only good when it is personal. The way you see the world and the way the world sees you. The brutal truth is the only way to see it. Well, for me, it started in the dark depths of south Louisiana. Found metal threw the kids I was hanging around with. But truth be told, metal music and then eventually hardcore saved my life. I grew up in a pretty crazy family situation, which gave me a place to feel like I belonged. The best examples that changed my life would probably be the top four would be Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’, Testament ‘Practice What You Preach’, Napalm Death ‘Harmony Corruption’ and Suicidal Tendencies’ Lights Camera Revolution’. I believe music is one of the most important ways to express ourselves. I find myself being emotionally engaged to all the songs I love. Where I was in my life when I heard it, it’s more, when we are all gone, it’s our cave paintings.

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