Threshold of Nothingness with Clairvoyance
Art: Stewart Cole

Bio: Clairvoyance was formed in 2019 to transform the morbid and swampy spirit of 90s death metal into a fresh rotting effigy that would soon infest the current underground scene. Their self-titled debut demo released in 2020 on Caligari Records is ferocious death metal with putrid atonal riffs driven by blast beats and heavy stomps evoking recollections of several non-Florida US pioneers such as Incantation or Immolation. In 2022, Clairvoyance released the 24-minute EP Threshold of Nothingness on Blood Harvest Records, wasting no time drawing the listener into a charnel house full of dreadful tones, ferocious rhythms, sickening beats, and mind-melting solos. After a short break in late 2022/early 2023, the band is now back in action, working on the debut full-length release and preparing for their first international show at the Tones of Decay festival in Prague.

We don’t want or feel the need to describe our music. It is up to the listener to develop descriptions, as they can mean different things to different people. There is, of course, some common denominator, which in our case is the morbidity and putridity of the riffs we play. As for what our music means, it is how we show the palette of our emotions from grief to anger, sadness to despair.

There’s nothing ground-breaking in our creative process, to be honest. Usually, our guitarist Denis brings raw ideas, which are then worked on and polished by the whole band. The crucial part is that while everyone in a band has their role, we still try to create new things as one collective mind. Our most recent EP, Threshold of Nothingness, was just a stepping stone to something bigger and more refined, as it didn’t show our full potential. Hopefully, the full-length album we’re currently working on will fix that.

We wouldn’t call our lyrics poetry but rather canvases for translating our thoughts into them. Our lyrics are Stories of the vulnerability of human beings, our place in the Universe, and the meaninglessness of everything around us.

Our personal experiences, emotions, and fears fuel the creative process behind the stuff we do. That said, we also draw inspiration from the art and music we enjoy daily.

The only way to describe reality is through science. But on the other hand, we appreciate past generations’ experiences, including religious ones and those that tried to bend the randomness and meaningness of human existence through spirituality. As human beings, we are urged to control our lives and everything happening around us. Science might be the perfect tool to do that. However, we acknowledge that, in the end, our existence is just a string of uncontrollable and random events, and death can only judge us.

It was different for each band member, but we are probably not true metalheads, as most of us came from the hardcore scene. That said, we all do have our favourite metal albums. To name a few – Nihilist’s full discography, Autopsy – Mental Funeral, Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom, and Rippikoulu – Musta Ceremonial.

Music is embedded in the very essence of man since the Old Stone Age thousands and thousands of years ago. While there are other forms of art, music is probably one of the more accessible ones; therefore, it will always stay with us to unite or even entertain. And that’s where its importance shines, as it can be anything for everyone.
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