Destroyers of All

Destroyers of All

We describe our music as a mixture of different types of Metal. We love to play Death, Thrash, Progressive and Black metal. There are no limitations to our sound. If it sounds good, we incorporate it on our music. What we wanted to achieve with this new album “The Vile Manifesto” was a faster and more aggressive album. The writing process was based on ideas written at home by each one of us while some riffs and other elements were created together (through jam sessions, etc). To conclude we took care of finalizing all the arrangements also as a group before entering the studio.

“The Vile Manifesto” is not conceptual. We covered several themes. Themes that expose some of the atrocities committed by Man throughout History. War crimes, illegal scientific experiments, religious crimes, etc. Each song has ties to a specific concept within itself, but as a whole, the album is a dissertation about the vile character of Humanity (or lack of it).

The world around us is our main inspiration, as it has been since our debut EP. Nonetheless, we also are fans of crazy and weird events that marked Humanity and World History (paranormal events, unsolved mysteries, etc), and that was one of the main sources of inspiration of “The Vile Manifesto”, where you can listen to songs about the Tunguska Event, Chernobyl, the death flights and much more.

Our artwork was created by the famous Mark Riddick, who is an amazing artist and doesn’t need any introductions in the metal scene. He as worked with many famous Metal bands (Arch Enemy, Exodus, etc …) The process itself was quite simple: we provided him with some of our concept ideas, developing lyrics, as well as the album title and starting from there, we let him do is magic, and that worked out amazingly. You can check his work at his website –

The world around us is our main inspiration with all that comes with it. Yet, concerning politics and religion, we sometimes approach it but do not make it the main focus of our work.
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