Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share what this album is all about. The Genesis of Genocide 2021 was our latest effort of relentless and straightforward BDM under the influence of the early BDM bands such as Disavowed, Dying Fetus, Disgorge and Suffocation. We’ve crafted this album as nasty as we could, and you can tell it on the production as well. We have chosen to have the eerie and putrid guitar sound to match our concept of the album and make you feel the horror and how dark the life of our beloved country and our people during this time. One of the things that we are very proud of this album is the drum programming. I’ve put a lot of effort into making the patterns very sick and making it sound more human as possible and added the pingy tin can snare to make it nastier for the listeners. Disgorge, and Suffocation heavily inspired the guitar riffs that BDM freaks will surely enjoy. I’m very proud and happy to add Myke as my vocalist for the vocal part. He has a monstrous voice that every BDM band could ever want! His gutturals is really sick and fits very well with our style and concept and it brings a lot more chaos to the overall sound of this album.

Most of the BDM bands are not lyrical when you hear their records. I don’t mind it though because the important thing in BDM is the overall sound and others really don’t care about the lyrics anymore. In our case, Myke tried to be more lyrical to make it more sound sick and so listeners can understand what he’s saying. Haha! Our lyrics are all about death, torture and insanity: no rituals or habits or any sorts. We just crafted the drum patterns and guitar riffs that we think is brutal and pleasing to ourselves and the BDM fans out there.

I just live my life to the fullest and do what I love. Listen and record my own music, explore new places and eat delicious food. I was influenced by friends who are into death metal. I started to listen to some heavy metal bands and my musical taste had evolved until I found what I like Brutaleath Metal. I was blown away when I saw sick bands on shows and they motivated and inspired me to put up my own band and record our own material. The bands and albums that hooked me up into extreme music were Cannibal Corpse – Tomb of the Mutilated, Deicide – Once Upon The Cross and Insineratehymn, Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten and Despise the Sun and Disgorge – Cranial Impalement. These albums have changed my life and my perception of music. I made a lot of friends because of this music, and I am happy that I became a part of our scene here in our country.

Music is a part of my life as I discovered many things, made new friends and gave me a lot of achievements. I am proud that I have shared my music with the world, and I’m very thankful to all the people who inspired the people I met through this kind of music and me. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to share our story with your readers worldwide! Our second album is coming up, so keep an eye on it.

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