Godzilla In The Kitchen

Godzilla In The Kitchen

Art: Mario Thieme

Despite all of the circumstances, we see the ‘Exodus’ scenario as an unconditional will of humanity to survive and the inexhaustible hope for a better world. The instrumental music processes the whole thing to take the listener track by track even deeper on this journey of complex rhythm sections, catchy melodies and an overall melancholic atmosphere spiced up with a straightforward intermezzo here and there. One sentence to sum this all up: Exodus is the future of humanity forced by the king of monsters because everything that has been given will be taken away.

Since most bands are atheists, these occult practices, which are usually presented in connection with doom or heavy music, are preceded by a protest. The origins of this music lie in the 70s, especially with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. And the rebellion of the youth of that time was mainly directed at their parents’ homes, which were mostly deeply religious in Europe or the USA. This is continued today; more and more people reject churches and religion in general and feel a certain joy when bands on stage turn cross or give satanic signs. The protest, therefore, lives on and besides, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Humanity is always needed and still needs something to orient itself by. In the last 2000 years, this was mainly the belief in God, but with increasing enlightenment and technologisation, this image has given way. Currently, the feeling that most people worship the small rectangular boxes in their hands more than any god. The path to faith is, of course, also related to the political systems; the stricter they are, the more people devote themselves to faith. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to live yourself out quite differently. In Europe, we are very lucky in this respect. Everyone can live out their own life and do what they feel is right, as long as no one is harmed in the process.

We never got pessimistic or depressive feelings from doom metal—quite the opposite. The deep-carrying guitars and basses put a smile on our faces every time and make our necks shake. What could be more awesome than plugging an SG into an orange and hitting the strings until the hairs on your neck stand up? Doom metal inspires much more to dream and digress than anything else. Here you can really let yourself go and forget the everyday problems. The deeper the bass, the greater the weightlessness!

We are clean, and each manages 1-2 beers maximum at the rehearsals. But as soon as we stand together in a room and turn the amps up loud, a certain dynamic and energy drive us. All of a sudden, we become creative. A really strange process that is hard to control but incredibly fulfilling.

My first concert at 8 was Iron Maiden in Leipzig, Germany. After that, everything was clear to me. I wanted to play guitar and rock stages like that. All the pop, hip hop or pop song shit rolled off me. I was completely addicted to heavy metal, and everything else about music was kindergarten for me. Gradually, of course, I got deeper and deeper into the genre and discovered several bands for me.

We are already influenced by evil and malevolence. Everything that happens in the world every day is communicated to us much more easily and quickly today than it was in the 90s. The news is full of bad things because that generates the most clicks. And since google ads it’s all about clicks. This fact brings a certain heaviness and melancholy to our music; rather subconsciously, many melodies are not really happy. The daily information overload also led us to the fact that we now enjoy making purely instrumental music very much. It’s a blessing when you can express something without saying a word. Nowadays, everyone has to communicate all the time – we like to keep quiet and let our amps do the talking.

Good things happen every day, and heavy music contributes its part. We played at Wacken this year. We have never seen so many happy and friendly people over such a long period of time. The unifying power of rock music is incredible. No matter where you come from and no matter who you choose, the main thing is that the riff is banging! This is also what we want to say with our Exodus cover. People will always have to cope with difficult conditions, but the will to survive and carry on distinguishes us. Maybe we are fucked, anyway; stay tuned and don’t give up.
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