Grave Circles

Grave Circles

Grave Circles is a Central Ukrainian project that plays a style of music that can be classified as black metal but is atypical to other bands from our country.

Most of the time, nothing is done and the process only starts when a sort of frequency opens up. It is through that frequency, or channel, if you will; everything is projected throughs and lyrics. Sometimes news very quickly. Other times there can be as long if you will as a six-month pause. It is possible to set deadlines, exert yourself, and try to force the music, but it’s pointless in the end of the day. We don’t live off the music financially; it’s pointless, so there is no need ut out content as is now customary for so many other black metal bands. Incidentally, this is why there are so many empty releases. The fire of the creators has dwindled away, but inertia’s force drives them to put out more music as they don’t know, but inertia’s force.

We don’t set any benchmarks. The path of all metal bands is most likely similar, at least to a degree. We live in a country where we have to work and survive. Ultimately our goal is to be able to make a statement to the world, say what we are meant to say. We are a conduit for this electricity, but it isn’t solely our own achievement or accomplishment, just a temporal mission.

What things inspire us? To convey something meaningful to people, one needs to have experience. Moreover, it needs to be an experience not readily accessible to your average individual. It could be the experience of someone who has seen war and its horrors first hand, or perhaps someone who has visited the remote corners of the world. Perhaps someone who has walked a spiritually transformational path. Since I haven’t achieved any of the above, I take my inspiration from books, art, underground movies and knowledge. Of course, one can look at other worlds with the aid of substances, but that’s cheating.
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