Art: Sdenzil Budon

I wouldn’t say metal is a ‘cult worship’ necessarily. It’s a form of extreme expression. In my observation, most of us that are into the extreme genres have or have had some trauma of some kind in our life as a child or even as an adult. I don’t mean day-to-day life bullshit. I mean something serious that created this mindset of aggression and even PTSD in some cases. My personal story isn’t something I discuss with many; it’s that fucking horrific. I might write a book about it someday. The music that it started with for me was that of Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, etc., from the 90s era mostly. I was a huge fan of Chris Barns and Jeff Walker back in the day, still, have much respect for them both.

I’ve got a little home studio that I keep active at all times, so no matter when I get the inspiration or hear a riff or beat in my head, I can run into the studio and put down what I am feeling at the moment. I don’t want to ‘be like’ anyone else. What is the fun of that? Be your twisted mess of a person; we are all a mess, but be a special kind of a mess.

Music speaks to all of us regardless of the genre. It helps us understand and see that we aren’t the only ones with that ‘feeling’ or feelings, no matter what that may be. Have you ever heard a song and listened to the words and were like, ‘holy shit, is this song about me?’ Someone felt exactly like you, and they can put that into a song that others with the same feelings and experiences feel.

I used to dig some Chemical Brothers and the Crystal Method, but not so much. There is so much great music out there; it can be hard to look past the most popular stuff because it’s usually well promoted, right there in your face, and easily accessible, but some of the best music is underground.
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