Haut & Court

Haut & Court

Collapse with Ravind
Original photo: Guy Maddin “My Winnipeg”
Photo montage, layout: Maxime Guillemain

Haut & Court was born in June 2012 to create music that is efficient, direct, and primarily influenced by extreme metal, drawing from styles such as mathcore and punk without adhering to any specific label. After playing as a trio for some time and releasing their first EP/demo, the band began to evolve with the addition of their first bassist/singer and the creation of their first album. This was followed by lineup changes, European tours, a new album, and a forced halt due to the Covid pandemic. These frustrations allowed them to create their latest album, ‘Collapse’.

Haut & Court has never defined itself as belonging to a particular style. Of course, important influences such as death metal and grindcore emerge, but over the years, the group has drawn on the tastes of the musicians who make it up, allowing for more crust or black metal techniques to emerge. The main objective remains to convey energy.

Creation always begins with a collaboration between Bernard (guitar) and David (drums). However, the work is reviewed, modified, and improved collectively. We work organically and spontaneously by seeing each other in person, and that’s part of our approach as a band.

This album’s lyrics speak about fantasizing about collapse, hoping for it to be freed from injustices and absurdities for which we are all more or less responsible. We are here for the music, to share it and experience it with others as much as possible and as far as possible.

For most of us, metal has always been an outlet. However, our musical tastes have mostly moved away from the music that brings us together. Some no longer listen to metal, others still share the same affection for extreme metal, and others have moved away from it while remaining in the larger metal family. Music is a part of our lives. Without it being a vital need, it is necessary and allows us to survive in a world that seems to be losing its way.

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