Körgull The Exterminator

Körgull The Exterminator

‘Sharpen Your Spikes’ was released last September. Nowadays, we never set any goal for the band or our releases beyond making the music we enjoy playing and having a great time together. We are a bunch of oldies in our forties, so our band’s main thing is having fun doing what we like, gather around the rehearsal room, and play our songs live on stage anytime it’s possible! It has always been the idiosyncrasy of Körgull, and considering the nowadays pandemic stage, one could say it is undoubtedly the best way to avoid any kind of frustration.

We’re not the kind of band with profound messages behind our lyrics. The way we see it, lyrics must be the perfect companion to the music and nothing else. And we have in Lilith the best one in that! Her lyrics sound punkish, dark, aggressive, epic or violent as the music goes on, but always with some kind of dark poetic vibe behind it. She’s a strong follower of old poets and writers like Poe or Lovecraft, and you can feel that dark and “beauty” (curious word to describe her insane style) in her lyrics. And being native from England, she has a perfect dominion of the language, so the result is perfect for us in every single piece!

The mindset behind every Körgull is always the same. Playing metal as we like it to sound aggressive, fast and violent without boundaries in every style we worship! Thrash metal with black influences but with a dose of rock n’ roll, heavy or death metal if we are in its mood. We try to play what we’d like to listen to if we weren’t in the band, song by song, without talking previously of any kind of direction. In this particular last one, you can hear the riffs and the lyrics that we were angry with the situation in our land and its mark are on the final result. Also, the songs came up fast, so I think it sounds fresh and straight!

Our idiosyncrasy as a band makes us indestructible! We’re all friends and enjoy doing this. There are no aims, no pressure, so if someday we don’t have any attention out there, we’ll keep on gathering to grab some beers and make new songs only for us! We love playing live, but we also make party in every rehearsal, so we’ll be there, completely underground, playing for ourselves! hahaha

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