Leaving Eden

Leaving Eden

I typically write the songs. Alyssa co-wrote the title track fable as well as the title track dream with me. I always say that I simply listen to what the Universe has to say by making that connection. Then I get down some scratch tracks, and the rest of the band then adds their final touches during the recording process. Everyone is free to do what they want unless there’s something in particular that is necessary.

On our latest album, ‘Fable’, I did the artwork. I used Mark Weiss’s photos he shot of the band and did my own thing to them. Also, I use a paid-for service that allows me to search for anything to use for content. Then I change or add to that content to best suit what I’m trying to portray.

We are all inspired by the universal connection. Many folks have no sense of the supernatural. Call it what you will, but in the end, it’s all the same. If the universe is composed of energy, then we are an exhibit of energy flowing through our bodies via our spinal cords. If we can understand that everything we use, eat, drink, build and manufacture comes from the dirt of this planet like metals, plastic, leather, wood, anything, our world comes from the Universe. So it’s pretty simple to understand how to listen. Secondly, we base our lyrics on reality and current events that fundamentally affect us all.

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