Our musical backgrounds are the whole German scene of the ’80s. We are very influenced musically by bands like running wild and Stormwitch, while our vocals are more influenced by Tyrant or Grave Digger. Also, bands like Bathory or Dissection have a strong part in our music. Of course, you don’t hear them as clearly as Grave Digger for example as we digest them in a more German heavy metal way but they are very present in Lonewolf.

We had some tribulations before composing the new album, ’cause we had a line-up change. Michael Hellström is our new lead guitarist. With him, a true Lonewolf fan joined us on board (he grew up with our albums) and this, of course, brings us some new and fresh blood. So no tribulations, but only fun, passion and great motivation! I and he wrote the whole album together. It went pretty fast concerning the riffs and songs themselves as we both totally have the same influences from paragon to Bathory. So the working process was a great joy and excitement. That’s why this album is maybe less epic yet more straight ahead and simple than its predecessors. When fans talk about us to people who never heard of us they say “it’s Running Wild influenced with Grave Digger vocals”. That sums it up not bad for a first listening.

Our inspiration can be things in our daily life, historical facts or things that fed us up in society. It can be something in a movie or simply an inspirational picture…. from everything surrounding us in fact.

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