Megatherium is a doom–sludge band from Verona, Italy. Since its beginning in 2011, their sound is a deliciously dark blend of sludge and doom, crammed full of powerful yet clean vocals, scorching low-tuned guitar riffs set at total volume, bone-crushing bass and tumultuous drumming. Megatherium published its debut album, Superbeast (Andromeda Relix), in 2016, and their second work, ‘GOD’ (Argonauta Records), in April 2020. They shared stages with Ufomammut, Schammasch, Forgotten Tombs, Deadsmoke, Duel, Caronte, Sonic Wolves, Throne.

We have a new album out called ‘GOD’. Unfortunately, it was released in very unlucky times. We finished mixing and mastering it in November 2019, and the album was officially released by Argonauta Records in April 2020, during the first complete lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, all of our live shows were suddenly stopped. We cannot promote the album and cannot even meet in our rehearsal room to play due to the restrictions happening in Italy. It’s very frustrating for us. We miss live gigs, sweat, distortions — unfortunately, all our attempts to manage the band online have failed.

‘GOD’ is a journey inside the human mind, searching for that divinity’s spark inside every one of us. It begins with recognising our loneliness, then the research moves to a state of mystic revelation. Reaching out the Truth seems to be the goal, being aware that there’s no difference between being the victim or the oppressor. Paranoia blocks you from escaping out of this intricate labyrinth in your mind, leading to the final awareness: the search itself is the ultimate goal, in an infinite circle of experiences and lives, without reaching a good end. This perpetual circle of life is hidden in ‘GOD’ as an acronym: Generate, Organize, Destroy. It’s the endless circle of birth, death and rebirth: you are born to try to organise and catalogue the world, but at the very end, everything is destroyed in death — just in time to start again. This is the god inside us: it’s both darkness and light, good and evil, success and failure, ignorance and revelation, life and death — all within our inner souls.

We truly think that both religious bigotry and Satanic obsession with metal are ridiculous, if not dangerous. None of us is a true Catholic, and none of us sacrifices goats in the woods: we’re basically atheist or agnostic. We just focus on heavy music and the emotions it conveys: as a matter of fact, in ‘GOD’ we dealt with these divine and mystic themes just for the fun of it.

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