MMXXI with Miscreation
Art: Daniel Corcuera

Founded in 2018, Miscreation had formed to begin preparing what will become an eight-chapter concept album of their self-imagined storyline. The demo ‘MMXXI’ showcases chapters II, IV, and VI to foreshadow the impending full length.

The best way I could describe it would be like technical death metal without necessarily being tech death in a way. There’s usually a certain sound associated with tech death that I don’t think we have. But if you look at the bones and the song structures, there’s more than what meets the eye. Hence the term ‘technical’.

The new record is familiar, as it took years and years of collective effort. The process is like any other new band. We write together; we navigate through select songs while formulating what we believe to be the definitive sound we’re going for; it’s a bit of what works & what doesn’t. If it doesn’t have substance, we all agree to scrap it and carry on, as painful as that can be.

The lyrics are based on a short story we all made up together. It’s not so much straight-up gore, nor would I say horror, so it falls in the realm of science fiction, I guess? Without giving too much away, it depicts this ancient civilization on a distant planet that worships an entity trapped in a void-like purgatory.

We all have different views in life, but I don’t say we have fixations of any sort on that level. We like what we like and do what we do. We enjoy death metal, science fiction, horror, monsters and so on. There’s bound to be some underlying message or theme in our material that comes from that, but that’s about as far as it goes.

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