Art: Jonny Warren

We are probably best summed up as a death/thrash metal band with influences from heavy metal, doom, black metal, prog, classical and hardcore. It means bringing something fresh to the table while maintaining a deep connection to the old school, especially the 80s sound when everything was starting to get heavier.

We tried to incorporate all the different types of music we love into a heavy dark album. We would combine other parts in songs to mesh a unique but familiar sound in heaviness. Lyrically we wrote about the world’s current situation and brought some horror, fantasy and war scenarios to the mix.

Our music can change from song to song, but they mainly deal with earth’s demise, war, corrupt politicians, horror and death. Besides the direct horror nods, we write about many things happening around us because life is the most brutal subject matter. It can end anytime.

We are all fans of heavy music in general, so each member takes their approach to a new song while writing. Lyrically a lot of the content comes from what’s happening negatively to the world and how humans are accelerating the demise of everything. Also, we love horror movies and death metal, so some songs are a mix of Bristol and Herman’s influences from both media. We all have our personalities outside the music we create, but at the same time, we have a lot of common interests that manifest in the songs. Again horror, heavy piece of all kinds, and sounding different usually motivates us the most.

As a band, we all grew up listening to different music in each part of our world. At a young age, we all started gravitating towards punk, hard rock, heavy metal and soon the heavier forms like thrash, death and black metal. All members except for Brandon Bristol had played in other bands over the years, but we all knew he was cut out for the job of the lead singer. We were all friends through the San Francisco music scene before becoming a band, so the talk of making something happen was there for a long time. A few of us met at a local bar out here, talked about jamming together, and it’s been on ever since.

For us, it’s a necessity in life. Without music, the world would be much duller, and the sounds of everyday life would surely dominate your mind. The world everyone perceives differently. Some probably don’t care for our music, but it’s not for them anyway. We will continue making records for ourselves and those who enjoy it. Not everything is for everyone. That rules if you have a spiritual experience listening to our records or seeing us at a show. We strive to create something we are all proud of, and people will hopefully enjoy and play over and over again. Our shows are high-energy, and crowds react accordingly. It’s definitely been a great run so far.
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