HMA: How did you get here?

Ardat: Nibiru has always been a part of us, inside of us. In the exact moment when we hate and despise ourselves, we go blind by necessity, and when we see the unknown everything becomes clear… and hurts.

RI Salma: I didn’t get here, simply it ‘was’ the right time with the right situation to sow the seed of what it ‘is’ today.

L.C.Chertan: Even though I was not part of Nibiru since the beginning, it is like the band has always been a part of me. It was waiting for the best time to involve me and allow me to express myself through it.

HMA: Tell us about your latest release ‘Salbrox’?

Ardat: ‘Salbrox’ is a kind of rhetorical path and therefore engaging, intense, destabilising. It is the inspiration (physically speaking), the moment of lucidity before falling back into nothingness. The lyrics are annoying scream of truth.

HMA: Could you describe your artwork?

Ardat: We immediately got connected with Metastazis. All the alchemical elements are present, a destabilising visual journey if you look at it with pure eyes.

RI: A combination of music and graphics that has proved successful, convincing and satisfying from the first moments. Pure alchemy.

L.C.Chertan: Simply this artwork is the last seal of a work that has consumed us, mentally and energetically. Every single detail of the artwork is closely linked to what we communicated with the music. The result is simply perfect. I think that Valnoir/Metastazis is the best artist with whom bands like ours can collaborate.

HMA: Do you have a fixation as such?

Ardat: I think we are all hypocrites, with ourselves in the first place. Nibiru makes you breathe, me first, the putrid breath I feel when I look at myself in the mirror.

RI: I’m not the one I should be, and I find myself having to deal with this every day. It is my ‘fixation’.

L.C.Chertan: I believe that having to live a life that we feel does not belong to us is a great source of inspiration but at the same time a source of continuous inner pain and malaise. Every day this consumes you more and more, a piece at a time.

HMA: Is metal still dangerous, or was it always been dangerous?

Ardat: If something that awakes the masses, everything is dangerous and therefore doomed.

RI: Is metal dangerous? I don’t really understand why it should ever be…it is simply a ‘strong’ musical genre. If this characterises it as dangerous, I find rap music much more dangerous then. It has never been dangerous, nor will it ever be in my opinion.

L.C.Chertan: I agree with Ardat. If something really awakens a person then it can be considered ‘socially dangerous’ (which is good for me), otherwise it’s just supermarket trash that doesn’t scare anyone. Extreme music is born with a purpose and that must shake people’s consciences, minds and souls in a deep and dark way by making you meet your worst demons and nightmares.

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