Norma Evangelium Tenebris with Noctu
Art: Jenglot Hitam

I’m not good with explanations, and I don’t like definitions to pigeonhole music. But I could define my compositions as “atmospheric” because I try, each time, to find the right atmosphere to express my sensations through the most suitable sounds. And this is very important to me because Noctu represents the maximum expression of my spirit.

My new album, ‘Norma Evangelium Tenebris’, represents the conclusion of a trilogy of albums, which I call the Trilogy of the Void, and which represents my exploration of the inner void and the negative feelings it generates. The creative process is as intriguing as it is painful. Unfortunately, I am weakened by physical and emotional illnesses, which creates great difficulty in playing. But then, when I complete a new work, the satisfaction is excellent, and I get a long-lasting cathartic effect.

My compositions are constantly inspired by real subjects but often expressed through metaphors. Daily life is the primary source of inspiration, while analogies can be provided by books, films, music or anything that can stimulate my senses.

The society we live in is awful. But mine is not a fixation. I’m just being realistic. Unfortunately, negativity is a constant in my existence. Too often, I witness how human beings become protagonists of their self-destruction. This demonstrates the failure of human life on this planet. I often hear about the willingness to find a solution to people’s problems, but people keep proving that they are the problem themselves. In silence, I observe a constant degradation toward an inevitable end. And ultimately, I’m glad the end is coming because I’ve had enough of watching human travesty. Misanthropy is the only way.

Since I was a child, I have had a dark soul, tending to be introverted. I had a somewhat complicated childhood that led me to appreciate solitude. Certain situations have opened my eyes to other people, even among my peers. That’s why I preferred to spend the afternoons after school in my bedroom drawing comics. Then, in 1986, at the age of 6, one of my cousins gave me a 90′ TDK cassette, which contained the entire third Metallica album (Master Of Puppets), plus a few songs by Megadeth and Venom (including the seminal entitled Black Metal). That was the jolt I needed to find my natural place. Since I have yet to look back, progressing more and more towards Extreme Metal—first, Thrash and Death Metal, then Black Metal and Funeral Doom. Over time I realized that I was attracted to all dark and atmospheric music, even far from Metal (Blues, Jazz, Country, Classic Music, etc.), as long as it was serious and sincere. And then I realized the need I had to express myself through it.

I can’t define all music in the same way. There is music created for the sole purpose of entertaining and entertaining (as well as selling to get rich). But this is different from the music for me. I prefer to listen to music that gives me concrete emotions. I ignore specific genres. And I don’t listen to everything that comes out on some record labels as some people do. I follow my instincts.
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