‘Black Abomination Spawn’ is the first full length of us. It has been a long trip which we left behind. The right sort of people gathered to make it happen. Time created wisdom and demented imagination and practice built the foundation to this work of blackest death. ‘Black Abomination Spawn’ is the title. It deals with the deepest horrors and fears beyond the world of everyone and everything – cosmic or not. Buy the record and read the Lyrics for any additional info.

We are against all concepts from political to religious. This is for the grain and the cockroaches that live a regular lowlife, force-fed in a system that offers lies as alternatives to other lies. Reality (and especially society) is pure deception and most people cannot see past it. The key to success at every level is to constantly evolve and become better at all aspects of life. Never stagnate, never believe in fairytales and take things into your own hands. Never follow the masses or groups with questionable sheep mentality. This goes way beyond metal. Only believe in yourself in the first place.

The decay of everything, coming from beyond the borders of existence. Where it originates from, things are very different and completely pervert any kind of human perception. The Death of all. The great lie and the day of judgement, impending.
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