We are Psychoneurosis from Poland. Our music is fast, short and loud!!! Short description this is grindcore love it or hate it. The longest song takes 1,30 minutes so as you can see, ballads are not hahaha

‘The fall of Humanity’ we recorded in a few months with small breaks. In our opinion, we wanted to record something typical for grindcore intense, heavy and short songs. It came out of it 20 songs in 26 minutes. I think it is a good score. All process was hard because during recordings I lived in the UK and all we did for distance. Guys did music on place rest I prepared in the UK and came straight to the studio and recorded my part of the vocals.

Yes, I like a lot of motifs from life, films or various photos that we would like to use on the cover but we can not do it because it’s plagiarism. That’s why we decided on artists who do album covers but as we all know, not every artist has time and not everyone has visions like us. I can hardly work together on a team-artist plane if you know what I mean? The most I like when we give an idea and a free hand the artist makes a cover and the end result is “WOW !!!”
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