Hello, Heavy Music Artwork, we’re Stramonia: a heavy-dark-goth-doom band from Genoa (Italy). We would like to thank our label, This Is Core, for this fantastic interview.

“At the end of the XIX century, strange deaths caused by stramonium poisoning cast a light on certain bourgeois parlours in Turin. During the “Sleep-walkers trial”, investigations lead to “the Red Salamander”, an esoteric sept devoted to proving the existence of hell, through the experience of pain and the use of stramonium. The heavy metal band Stramonia pays its tribute to those ancient scholars, collected their heritage and put it to music.”

‘The WelcKomed’ is the title of our first full length. This album deals with many subjects, such as solitude, redemption, religion and sublimation of negative energies. It is inspired by obscure muses, from esoteric to horror imaginary. The sound is a rock/metal, influenced by old school riffs (Black Sabbath), with synth e keyboards in the 80s style, a modern production and vocals that range from clean voice to growl and scream. The aim of “The WelcKomed” was the creation of a particular sound, standing out from the “mass”, both extreme and classic, tinged with horror, but still pleasant and easy to listen to. Recording this album has been an authentic emotion and we’re really proud of the outcome.

Despite our main sources of inspiration are occultism and horror in general, we don’t fix any creative limit, we just le tour music have as many shades as possible in ‘The WelcKomed’ you can find all the subjects you’ve mentioned… sometimes all together.
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