The Slayerking

The Slayerking

Art: Costin Chioreanu

The Slayerking is the lizard whose snake ancestor offered the apple to Eve. It is about the serpent’s story; God cursed us to crawl after seducing her in Paradise. In the untold part of it, it grew its legs back and became a lizard seeking revenge. Since then, it unremorsefully slays every single hope the world has about redemption. Formed as an unofficial studio project of Efthimis Karadimas of the infamous Nightfall, with the purpose of sailing slower into darker musical ecosystems.

Costin Chioreanu made the album cover. We discussed the lyrical concept with him, and he delivered an awesomely ugly beast as an analogy to the creepy air the album breathes. The title is Tetragrammaton, and the concept is about our collective effort, as humans, to save our pitiful souls. Bless those who weep and sell their tears to unbelievers. All the tragedies we have experienced are curved onto our music and lyrics. And we have a lot in our camp; deaths, disastrous moments, catastrophic outcomes and all that shit a man must overcome in life. Influences have faded away long ago, I am afraid. They stood tight when about to start play as a youngster. Gradually, you get on with your own shit, which becomes personal. I guess we are among the lucky ones who have found the formula to turn hard feelings and difficult emotions into music. This has saved our lives. Literally, the band works like a stress relief machine.

The Slayerking’s music has an enormous capacity of Heavy Metal, Dark Rock, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Prog Rock, or even Punk Rock seeds. It’s all there artistically wrapped in crispy layers of anger and frustration.

Doom is about going down into abysmal depths to reach answers to existential questions. With mid-tempo compositions well balancing between gloomy atmospheres and outwardly restrained wrath, The Slayerking dig deep to reach the root of universal pain, grab it, and pull it up and away until it tears completely free and out of man’s world. We never aimed to compose songs of a certain genre. Live music has a lot to do with the heartbeat and the physiology of the player; Your fingers’ placing and how your body folds the instrument and stuff, it all leads to a certain style of play and sound that characterises you.
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