This Ending

This Ending

Art: Björn Gooßes

Bio: This Ending was formed in 2005 and has released three albums that have received positive reviews. After the release of the 2017’s album, ‘Garden of Death,’ This Ending embarked on a European tour with label mates Ablaze My Sorrow in 2017. This Ending has also played numerous shows, especially in Sweden and has become an established and energetic live act that can engage the audience. Since the release of ‘Garden Of Death’, the members of This Ending have kept working on new songs, and when the new album was almost complete, drummer Fredrik Andersson decided to leave the band. This left the band in a situation that had to be resolved quickly. Luckily This Ending already had a solution within the band. Guitarist Peter Nagy is a skilled musician who has played the drums for many years. He has been the drummer on all ‘Mörk Gryning’ albums except one. Peter was quick to accept the challenge, and his work on ‘Needles Of Rust’ is brilliant and gave This Ending a new dimension to their sound. At the end of 2022, This Ending’s new single, ‘Light the Flame,’ was released. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for new exciting music and artwork.

My main focus when writing lyrics for This Ending is to observe and give our musical view of all the twisted things happening worldwide. The topics will always change but are usually loosely based on events that have occurred. For the ‘Needles of Rust’, I also explored the topic of nightmares, which fitted the songs quite well. But the main inspiration comes from all the twisted minds in our world. I’m also fascinated by manipulation and how some people bend scriptures into their vision of how they would want the world to work. So in that sense, many of the lyrics are also based on religious beliefs that, in many ways, are used as a form of manipulation where the original intent is lost between the lines.

Our new songs start with a guitar riff that someone writes. Usually, Linus Nirbrant puts the idea together, arranges it and sends the idea so I can write the lyrics. Not that many rituals, but when it comes to the lyrics, I usually listen to the songs and try to get a sense of which kind of lyrics would fit the ambience of each song. I typically start with a base idea and write many versions of the lyrics. Then I start rehearsing and feel which parts might work and which need to be changed. Most of the time, I need to sing the songs loads of times and experiment with different vocal approaches to reach a somewhat optimal sound for the vocals finally.

I think you will find both religious and secular parts in our lyrics. But first and foremost, I strive to make my part to in some way improve as a human being. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the best of our time in this life. For me, it’s basically about how I would want the world around me to work, and if I can find ways to contribute to this, it’s well-invested time. If I can make someone think one more time about what’s happening around them through my lyrics, I think that’s great.

I wouldn’t say that metal is a form of modern cult worship. For me, metal is about coming together around heavy, aggressive, diverse and experimental music. Metal music is often pushed aside as something that’s not culturally acceptable; it’s usually a bit too extreme. But if you look at the scene with both artists and fans, there are so many talented artists in the genre, and the fans can appreciate the art and the concept around the metal. It brings us together, and in that sense, it has a cult around it, but I would say it’s mainly a positive cult approach. When you go to a metal concert or festival, there’s almost always a friendly, upbeat vibe, no matter how aggressive or dark the music is. The theme gives you a positive outlet for your frustrations and aggression. Very seldom do you see fights at these events, which are not so rare in other forms of musical gatherings? Metal fans come together to celebrate the music to which they have dedicated a big part of their life. It all started as a young boy getting to know the heavy metal bands from the early 80s. Listening to bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maid and Accept, to mention a few, got me to love the art form we call metal music. I have always been impressed with how Rob Halford manages to sing, and the late Warrel Dane was both a talented vocalist and lyricist. As a death metal vocalist, I got inspiration in the early 90s from Chuck Schuldiner, David Vincent and Nick Holmes.

I would say the only obsessive creative behaviour I have is that I have a hard time not constantly looking for improvement options in how I sing our songs or how the lyrics could be improved to fit the songs even better.

When it comes to figures to be admired outside of the metal scene, I think everyone who strives to improve the lives of others is worth admiring. There is, for example, a program from Sweden called the world’s children’s prize, where children and teenagers can vote for local heroes that improve the lives around them. In my opinion, these people deserve admiration for their dedication to essential issues that politicians don’t seem to be able to solve. When it comes to genius-level talent for creativity for me, Devin Townsend is one of them. But as I mentioned earlier, there is so much talent around the metal scene, so I admire everyone that dedicates themselves to improving the art of metal.

When it comes to metal, I think that it is, in part, a spiritual experience. You know what I mean if you, like me, can get goosebumps by listening to a great riff or gripping lyrics sung with emotional inspiration. Music is essential to me as a part of my daily life. The music I enjoy must reach me emotionally, and since I first experienced this 40 years ago, I’m constantly looking for new great music. I need music around me, and I think music can make the world a better place because it can unite us over borders and language barriers. It is a way and a possibility for people to connect.

That would be different art forms made from wood and other natural materials. I think it’s interesting how you can incorporate and use the natural conditions, colours, shapes and textures that these materials have. I enjoy many bands from the melodic Swedish death/black metal scene. Bands I really can recommend you to check out apart from This Ending are Astrophobos, Kvaen and Throne of Heresy, amongst others.
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