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Total Recall

No Light with Total Recall

Total Recall was born in 2019. The founding members Luca (Pigo) (K-Aagain, Samaritan, Embrace Destruction), Stef (K-Again, Traces of You, Die Trying), and Danny (Embrace Destruction) were already veterans in the Hardcore/Metalcore scene and decided to start to write music together after their common friend and brother Massy passed away after a long fight with his disease. Massy toured with Pigo and Stef for over 20 years and wanted the two old friends to come back together in a band, as they played in different bands for many years. Stef and Pigo recruited the drummer Danny who played in Embrace Destruction (the last round of Pigo and Massy) and decided to form a band with members who played or toured with Massy. After Pigo chose not to be a singer anymore and to take Massy’s bass guitar to keep his legacy alive, with Stef at the guitars and Danny at the drums, the lineup started to write music without following any particular influence, with the only purpose to write songs that could reflect the style of music they played with Massy throughout the last 20 plus years. After a few months, Andy was added as a singer. Andy toured with Massy in Rise Above Dead, and his friendship with him returned some 15-plus years. Stefano (Bleed) was a guitarist who also was in Rise Above Dead.

We play what we like. We don’t focus on creating something to be liked; we want it first. We give our 100% in the studio or on a stage. There is no money in this music, so we don’t waste our time trying to become a product; we are in the be true to yourself mentality delivering the 0134 Ignorant Hardcore attitudes. If you are into a low-tuned blend of Metallic Groovy Hardcore with intense Post Hardcore Influences For Fans Of Knocked Loose, Bodysnatcher, Kublai Khan, Sanction, Desolated, Hatebreed, Will Haven, Vein, Great American Ghost, End, Norma Jean, then Always Together could be the album to listen to. Nine songs of pure passion with low-tuned bouncy Metallic Hardcore that will take your inner self into your most profound and darker place. But it will make you reconnect with who you are and accept it no matter what. Because there is no good or bad, it’s just you.

Songwriting is a joint effort. We usually start from an idea or a single riff, then gradually add the rest creating a solid structure. The result must be ok for all of us; we do not compromise, and if we do not like the song, we drop it right away. Only this way can we be 100% sure we can play it live with the right attitude. We do not have any particular inspiration; it’s a creative process triggered by our bond and the band’s meaning.

We are really satisfied with our artwork. It’s a rip-off of an album from Carcass, and the circular shape fits perfectly with the music we write, and we have written in similar forms since 1998. Also, the circularity is completed by the roughness and brutality of the tools utilised in the artwork. There is a story behind it, though; we wanted to have something that could reflect our music and our band’s meaning, a tribute to a missing friend. We had the idea to use the carpenter’s tools of Massy to compose the artwork, and we got the complete package done. It was a smooth project as we ran it completely, concept, making and releasing. We are lucky to have Stefano “Bleed” Bigoni playing the guitars; he is also a talented graphic designer.

Mostly we were inspired by the life of Massy and the moments we spent together throughout the path we shared. When we decided to record a full length, we needed to find a title that could be able to express the concept of the sorrow, the grief that the 5 of us experienced for the loss of Massy, but at the same time, the will to transform this negative feeling into something positive. If you encounter something as we did, the only way to keep the spirit of your loved ones alive is to continue talking about them or do something in their memory that can be shared with other people. We feel the presence of Massy even if it’s not with us anymore, and doing what we are doing, we are sure that we will always be together.

That’s why we picked this name for our first album. We also wanted a title that other people could relate to. Always Together
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