Art: Roberto Napolitano

I started the project in November 2017 because I wanted to learn to scream and write a Death Metal album myself for the first time. And I wanted to push myself on my bass playing, which I have been playing since 2007. After that, I needed a theme for the project and the songs. Being a big Marvel fan, especially everything with Venom or the symbiotes, it seemed fitting to call it Venomized.

My music is straightforward death metal with old-school and modern elements. Being a deathcore fan, you can definitely hear it in most songs. In a way, Venomized means a lot to me because I’ve always wanted to work on a metal project of my own. It’s entirely up to me what I do with it.

Death Row is a pretty hard-hitting album; it got all the elements I love in the death metal genre. It has Thrash vibes, mid-tempo riffs, high-speed blast beat, crunching bass lines, and technical parts. I think each song is a hammering track! My creative process for this album was quite simple because I put everything I love about death metal into it.

I’m not fixated on anything philosophical regarding life or music. Music is simply all I live for. First of all, I’m a huge hard rock fan, so I was initiated to heavy music around 12 years old when I played Guitar Hero 2. I discovered Shadows Fall with The Light That Blinds off the album The War Within, which is still one of my favourite artworks to this day. Same for All That Remains with The Fall Ideals, which was on Guitar Hero 2 too. After that, around 14-15 years, I really dived into darker arts like Despised Icon, Whitechapel, Job For A Cowboy, Spawn of Possession, and Hour of Penance.

For me, music is everything. My life revolves around music. No matter what you call it, whether it is a spiritual experience or a mare entertainment. This is the most beautiful invention because with music we’re not alone!
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