HMA: How do you describe your music?

We play heavy metal music, no more, no less!

HMA: Tell us about ‘Conqueror’s Oath’?

‘Conqueror’s Oath’ marks an attempt to tighten our songwriting and provide the listener with a more immediate and concise experience than the long-winded approach of our debut record. To that end, I think we were successful, so we will be pursuing different goals with our next LP. As for our writing process, it typically involves one of us writing a song at home, bringing it to rehearsal, and revising the song together as a band until we arrive at an arrangement that we’re satisfied with.

HMA: …and lyrics?

Visigoth’s lyrics are generally dedicated to fantasy/swords & sorcery storytelling, often with underlying themes of self-empowerment and self-actualization.

HMA: How about for inspiration?

Other heavy metal music, fantasy and science fiction literature, films, and gaming, and life experience. Most of the lyrics I write are directly or indirectly inspired by fantasy/science fiction literature, films, and gaming.

HMA: Could you describe your artwork?

The artwork for ‘Conqueror’s Oath’ is inspired by the track ‘Warrior Queen’ and suits the music just right, I think! I briefed the artist, the legendary Kris Verwimp, by sending him the lyrics to the song and telling him that we wanted the cover art to prominently feature a warrior queen in shining armour astride a horse approaching a castle in the distance. As for the palette, we left that largely up to Kris, but I did tell him we wanted a bit more of a wintery blue/white/silver vibe since his artwork for ‘The Revenant King’ was cast predominantly in rich, deep green and we wanted a contrast.

Kris Verwimp

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