With a name derived from “völva,” a seeress in Norse folklore, Völur is not the kind of band to fulfil faux-pagan longings, neither thematically nor musically. The Toronto-based trio comprises bassist Lucas Gadke, drummer Justin Ruppel, and experimental electric violinist Laura C. Bates. Together they weave folk melodies, heavy riffs, and chthonic chants to breed powerful and chilling slabs of meditative doom. Moving between high-tension, plodding chaos, and beautiful pastoral moods, Völur aims to reflect the world of primordial nature inspired by ancient myths and chilling poems of death and heroism. Leaving all those who witness their live shows transfixed and spellbound, the power trio has become one of Canada’s premiere forces in heavy music.

Primarily, we focus on re-contextualizing myths and mostly European myths and taking those themes and images away from racists and bigots. We seek to enjoy works of ancient literature in the pantheon of world art and treat it as the shared genius of humanity. None of us is particularly religious. I have a spiritual connection with my small garden and the ones I love, my kith and kin. This could be construed as a kind of paganism or animism. But politically, we’re against violence, racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia etc. All people are equal and deserving of love and respect. In short, Nazi punks Fock off!

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