Khthoniik Cerviiks

Khthoniik Cerviiks

We are a Death/Black Metal trio from Ruhr Area, Germany, that was put together spontaneously when our two former bands broke apart in 2013. During the last years, we either used our time in the rehearsal bunker to jam together on new ideas and combine them into songs, or we had to prepare for one or another live show. It took a while to get ready for the studio, but in summer 2019, we felt well prepared to go and record this thing. Since it is a live recording, we just needed to nail all the songs together on one long weekend like all our records so far.

An album is more of a process to us than a product. Once everything is done and printed, and shipped out, I feel like I should not evaluate the outcome, but both cherish and abhor the long process that leads to it. Every record you participate in takes something away from you but it may also provide you with new insights. The product cannot represent that, only your memory can. I therefore never actually listen to our records after they are finished.

Black Metal is a part of every band member’s youth and record collection to a certain degree. However, when we first met and played together it was just a spontaneous happening. We called the outcome “Psychotiik Death Metal”. There was no intention to be a Black Metal band exclusively, this sound just happened.

I know how flat and unsatisfying it may be when people say the listener should decide what’s to gather from artists’ lyrics. Unfortunately, I absolutely agree on this statement. A recipient should work with the text (that is music, performance and lyrics) and nothing else: text, subtext, para-text, inter-text, whatever-text. The author never asked for the author’s intention, though their replies would be far too excessive and probably pretty boring. We focus on writing lyrics to transform impressions from everyday life, scientific stuff, and personal feelings into images and metaphors.
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